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Repairing and Rebuilding Services2019-11-16T07:59:30+00:00

We have a wide range of services focused on repairing and rebuilding :

  •  All kinds of Gas and Steam Turbine Rotors.
  •  All kinds of Valves (Power Plant, Gas Turbine, and in Line ).

We also have services aimed at calibration or repairing of all instrument :

  •  Compressor Rotors(Centrifugal,Screw,Reciprocating);
  •  Blades and Vanes of PowerPlant Gas Turbines such as GE Frame 9 and relocating of themGE frame 9,7,6,5,1002; V94 Siemens; Caterpillar; Solar; Ruston
  •  All kinds t.b. 4000,5000,1750; Frame 9,6,7 are diversion of GE turbines; Division and subdivision.