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This SoftWare CTRM solutions TheBulldog™ and Comcore™ have been one of leading
trading and risk management solutions for the Oil & Gas industry. The systems manage the
entire lifecycle of a physical oil/petrochemical/paper trade. They cover the front, middle and
back-office, with all the relevant compliance functions such as audits, permission management
and reporting. Additionally, they support logistics, blending and storage, of crude oil, refined
products, petrochemicals and OTC instruments such as Swaps, CFDs, Futures, and Options.
With a complete package of front, middle and back-office features, This SoftWare CTRM
system offers customers straight-through processing from trade capture to invoice generation.
Designed to be highly flexible, the system can be used as a standalone solution or can be
integrated into existing software infrastructures such as SAP, Oracle, or Navision. The
SoftWare can also directly interface with international futures exchanges to capture trades
with just the push of a button.
The SoftWare also Supports :

  • All physical transactions and paper instruments.
  • Compliance rules by the out-of-the-box functionality.
  • Reporting engine.
  • strong risk management modules are also available in it.

The system supports full and partial encryption of data. Optionally, modules for
connecting to 3rd party systems are available and can be licensed separately if
desired. Otherwise, the system will function as a stand-alone and quarantined